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Yearly Predictions for SCORPIO Ascendants 2023


2023 is going to be to some extent a challenging year for the ascendants of Scorpio. It is normal as every year is not the same. But don’t narrow your heart. Let’s find out what is waiting for all the ascendants of Scorpio.  In this article Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions of […]

Yearly Predictions for Virgo Ascendants 2023


The ascendants of Virgo can be identified easily sometimes. They tend to have a pretty face, lively nature and have an extraordinary presentation. They look much younger compared to their ages. They talk a lot like Geminis. If the Virgo is a female, it is said to be good. But on the other hand, if […]

Yearly Predictions for Leo Ascendants 2023


Leo Ascendants have a very charming personality. They have enchanting personalities, courage and confidence. But confidence sometimes becomes overconfidence. They like to be praised and admired but never love to get advice or suggestions. IS THIS FEATURE OF LEO ASCENDANTS WILL HELP THEM TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING THIS NEW YEAR? OR NOT? So in this article […]

Yearly Predictions for Cancer Ascendants 2023

yearly predictions for cancer

Cancer Ascendants are mostly known for their soft and empathetic nature. Their love and devotion are stronger. So 2023 may present them with some new challenges and benefits as well. So in this article, Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions for Cancer Ascendants. Overall 2023 is going to be one of the most […]

Yearly Predictions for Gemini Ascendants 2023

Yearly Predictions for Gemini Ascendants

2023 has already made its way with so many new hopes and expectations. Some will get the benefits of this year and for some this year will present some challenges. Let check them out on our “Yearly Predictions for Gemini” Geminis are known for their intelligence, intellect, humour and wit. So let’s find out what […]