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Yearly Predictions for Leo Ascendants 2023


Yearly Predictions for Leo Ascendants 2023

Leo Ascendants have a very charming personality. They have enchanting personalities, courage and confidence. But confidence sometimes becomes overconfidence. They like to be praised and admired but never love to get advice or suggestions. IS THIS FEATURE OF LEO ASCENDANTS WILL HELP THEM TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING THIS NEW YEAR? OR NOT?

So in this article Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions of Leo Ascendants. How is this new year going to be for all the LEO ASCENDANTS?

But before getting into the topic, not sure about your lagna? This is the quickest way to know about……

 Let’s find out the way to know if you are a Cancer Ascendant or not!

How to know if you’re a LEO ASCENDANT?

Astrologer Debraj Acharyagood astrologer in kolkatahas given a quick solution to this problem. If you find LAGNA written in the fifth house of your lagna kundali, you’re a LEO ASCENDANT.

 Now as you already know if you’re a LEO Ascendant or not, let’s find out what is waiting for you in the year….

Let’s summarise all the things that are waiting for you in the new year…..

 Health: Leo Ascendants have to be extra careful with their health irrespective of their genders. After November 2023, female ascendants of Leo may have some gynecological issues or the males may have some prostate problems. Be careful about that. You may also have piles. So these things need extra attention.

 If you’re overweight, then try to control your weight otherwise there are chances of getting other health issues too

 Money:   Your financial life will be overall good but there are chances of sudden financial loss as well due to health issues. Be careful about that. Otherwise your earnings will be good this year. You have a satisfactory position of Jupiter in your Kundali.

 If you’re a government servant, your payment may get delayed after July but don’t lose hope. It’ll be done soon.

 Upto April there will be financial struggle, but after that everything will be in your favour.

 Education:  Students will have a very progressive 2023. After April there are chances of extreme growth in education. There are chances of higher education for Jupiter and also they may get a chance of going to foreign regarding their education as well.

 If you’re a parent but a Leo ascendant, there is also a chance that you may get good news regarding your child as well.

 Relationship: There is a chance of marriage for all the bachelors in 2023. BUT MATCHMAKING IS MANDATORY.

Wandering why you should have a matchmaking before marriage? Read here:

 You’ll have stability in life. There are also chances of having a child or grandchild. But be careful if your spouse is pregnant and you’re a leo ascendant.

 Be careful about any unrighteous work. As Rahu will be connected with Jupiter and will be Guru Chandal Yog and so there will be chances of some disturbance also.

 After October there are also chances of having conflict with your spouses.

 There is also a chance of getting betrayal love.

Career:  Your career will rise because you are getting a good educational life this year. You’re born to rule. Your bossy attitude and determination will help you to get your desirable career.

 Besides, you’re advised to have your mental semblance this year.

Work-life:   Upto April there will be some struggle in your work-life but after that things will be in favour.

 But for the Guru Chandal Yog, your mental peace will be disturbed and that may cause trouble in your work-life as well.

Prosperity:  Leo Ascendants will have overall prosperity this year. But they may also get into some legal trouble or any kind of problem related to the government.

 Leo Ascendants are also advised not to take any loan this year.

 Now a question arises; How to deal with these problems this year?

The solutions to make things better this year….

Astrologer Debraj Acharya has discussed some solutions for the betterment of all the Leo Ascendants.

  •  Try to have control on our overconfident nature. Don’t get into any trouble with your boss or elders.
  • Leo ascendants don’t like getting advice and it is their biggest drawback. Learning is the biggest mandatory for them.
  •  Self counseling is a must for Leo.
  •   If possible perform a Rudrabhishek and chant the Rudra Mantra in any nearby Shiva temple.
  • Read Vishnu Sahasranama every Thursday.
  •  Offer banana, mosambi or any kind of yellow fruits in any Guru Temple.
  • You can also offer Chana daal (250 grams) to the Guru Ashrams every Thursday.
  •  Perform a Puja of Sun and give sun arghya on a regular basis.
  • Try to maintain a good relationship with your father.

 Also keep in mind:

 Solar eclipse  20.04.2023


 Though the eclipses are not visible in India.

 Lunar eclipse  5.05.2023



The lunar eclipses will be visible in India.


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Summing up….

Leo ascendants are born to rule. They don’t like to be inferior. They are the holders of royal positions. They have a very charming and attractive outlook. They are also extremely good at maintaining relationships. Whom they love, they can give the person the entire world.

Everything is good but sometimes they need to work on their attitude and behaviour.

2023 is going to be a mix and match for Leos. Work on yourself and follow the suggestions mentioned above to get the most benefits this year.