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Yearly Predictions for Virgo Ascendants 2023


Yearly Predictions for Virgo Ascendants 2023

The ascendants of Virgo can be identified easily sometimes. They tend to have a pretty face, lively nature and have an extraordinary presentation. They look much younger compared to their ages. They talk a lot like Geminis. If the Virgo is a female, it is said to be good. But on the other hand, if a male falls into Virgo, there is nothing to think negatively about it. 

So in this article Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions of Virgo Ascendants. Let’s find out what’s there waiting for them.

But before getting into the topic…

Let’s find out the way to know if you are a Virgo Ascendant or not!

How to know if you’re a Virgo ASCENDANT?

Astrologer Debraj Acharya “best astrologer in kolkata” has given a quick solution to this problem. If you find 6 is written in the first house of your LAGNA Kundali, you’re an ascendant of Virgo and this article is for you.

Let’s summarise all the things that are waiting for you in the new year…..

Ascendants of Virgo are advised to complete all their important works before April because it is seen in the analysis that the real challenges of the year will begin after April.

Health: After April the natives are suggested to take extra care of their health. Females should be careful with their skin.

From April to October, there are chances of gynecological problems and piles in females and men may have prostate problems as well.

So if you find something uncomfortable with your health, don’t think twice before seeking medical help.

Virgos have an extreme tendency of saving money, but in the case of health don’t let your saving habit come to the way.

As Saturn is in the 6h House, diseases will be lesser afterwards but still you’ll stay kind of worried about your health throughout the year.

Money:   Virgos are already good at making money. February is going to be a beneficial year in this aspect. Then again from July to November, natives will have a great time financially.

But also they are advised to stay cautious in some legal affairs as there are chances of sudden financial loss as well.

Education:  Students will have a good time in the month of February. Progression in study will be seen there.

But on the other hand there are chances of the teenagers that they may fall in love and obviously that can hamper their study to some extent.

 Those who are in some creative fields, will have a beneficial and helpful year ahead.

Relationship: Upto April, there are chances of marriage to all the unmarried girls and boys. But matchmaking is mandatory.

To know the importance of matchmaking….

 Read here:

After February there are chances of having some marital conflicts with the spouse. After April these conflicts may increase. So try to maintain your temper in the relationship. Show interest towards your spouse.

Married people can plan their babies before April.

For the position of Ketu, natives may feel a kind of isolated sometimes. 

Career and Work-life:   Saturn is placed in the 6th house and so your work-life will be extremely laborious. But there will be delays in results and promotions. But stay focused and try to pursue your goal seriously.

Because of Rahu, there will be some conflicts with your business partner. After April all your work will get delayed.

February is a good time for share market investors.

From July to April, the situation will be stressful. Enmity will increase. But be careful with making decisions.

Prosperity:  2023 is going to be a prosperous year overall. But don’t get into any tussles with your superior, that can be your boss, your elders in the family, your business partner, anyone. 

There are chances of having a new house as well this year.

Now let’s talk about the solutions to make things better this year….

 If there are problems, there will be suggestions too and Astrologer Debraj Acharya has discussed them below.


  •     Read Vishnu Sahasranama on every Thursday and Amavasya. By doing this you will be able to keep your marital life harmonious.
  •     Do Rudrabhishek in any nearby Shiva temple. This will help in every aspect of your life.
  •     Donate blankets to the poor and needy people.
  •     Feed the street dogs as per your ability throughout the year. The malefic effects of Rahu and ketu will be less by doing this.
  •     Try to have control over your tongue. Think a lot before making any decision.

About the eclipses…..

Solar eclipse  20.04.2023


 Though the eclipses are not visible in India.

Lunar eclipse  5.05.2023


The lunar eclipses will be visible in India.

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Summing up….

Virgos are extremely youthful in nature. They have an aura. Virgo females are the holders of youthfulness and inner beauty. They are also very creative and friendly.

But sometimes this over friendly nature welcomes some trouble in their lives. Have a goal and work hard to pursue that. Don’t let anyone or anything negative come to your mind. Avoid unnecessary people and situations. Keep one thing in mind that if someone is not happy with your achievements, it’s better to maintain distance from that person.


Live a happy life.