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Discover How Retrograde Saturn Affects Each Zodiac Sign From June to November 2023

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Discover How Retrograde Saturn Affects Each Zodiac Sign From June to November 2023

What do you understand when you generally have heard of retrogression? Especially of Saturn’s retrogression? Most of us start panicking and get anxious. But, you should not. Saturn’s retrogression does not mean only negative things. The period helps us to rethink beyond fantasies and to finish our unfinished tasks with a more grounded and practical approach.

The Saturn retrogression started on June 17, 2023, and will end on November 4, 2023. The retrogression will persist for approximately five months. During these months, every native would get a chance to reevaluate the areas of their lives that are directly or indirectly governed by Saturn.

Effects of Saturn’s Retrogression on Each Zodiac Sign

Saturn is a planet of Karma, disciplines, responsibility, career, workplace, hard work, and your long-term goals in life. so, with due respect to Saturn’s retrogression in Aquarius, let us know how 12 zodiac signs would be influenced during these five months,

  1. Aries: Auspicious time to reassess your long-term goals and professional network. Identify areas in your life that need improvement. Be calm and get ready to learn from hindrances. Value friendship and don’t hesitate to ask for help to strengthen your personal/professional connection.
  2. Taurus: During this period, you may find the need to sharpen your existing skills for professional upliftment. You become introspective to find out whether your current actions and the guidance of your boss/mentor are worth getting the desired outcome you have dreamt of.
  3. Gemini: You may get back the opportunities you have lost before. Ideas that were put on hold now might help you to re-establish professional strings with old projects. You may consider undergoing courses that help you in self-improvement and skill reshaping.
  4. Cancer: It is the time to get yourself rid of self-sabotaging thoughts in the personal/professional realm. Try to set a realistic approach and plan to achieve goals that are put on hold.
  5. Leo: Be meticulous and reassess your personal/professional responsibilities/commitments that are uncompleted. Try to regain the partnership balance. Take time before finalizing any legal agreement.
  6. Virgo: Realign your work habit/routine to complete the incomplete task. You may experience an increased workload/burden of responsibilities. Try to be more serious, disciplined, and dedicated to accomplishing your career goals.
  7. Libra: You need to be more cautious in financial matters and your career. Go for a thorough analysis before making investments. Use your time and energy meticulously for betterment in your career and other activities.
  8. Scorpio: Focus on strengthening your professional boundaries based on priorities. Redefine your professional goals, responsibilities, and routine for growth, success, and happiness.
  9. Sagittarius: It’s time to evaluate your style of communication and writing to express yourself vividly in your professional domain. Work on improving relationships with your co-workers/bosses/juniors.
  10. Capricorn: You may be able to understand your goals, values, and power of money in the professional realm. You would reassess your job security and stability for earning more.
  11. Aquarius: This period makes you understand your living status. You can identify weak areas in your professional life. Work on it to fulfill your commitments. It’s a favorable time to bring plans into execution.
  12. Pisces: You would realize the need for isolation to attain career success. Your introspection provides you valuable guidance to face your fears and stay strong in the professional field.

We have stated a generic effect of Saturn Retrograde above for 12 zodiac signs. For a personalized Saturn retrogression report card, feel free to contact Astrologer Debraj Acharya, one of the best astrologers in West Bengal.