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CONCEPT AND MISCONCEPT regarding Astrology

CONCEPT AND MISCONCEPT regarding Astrology

Does Astrology Work? | Is Astrology True? | Best Astrologer In Kolkata, India | Astrologer Debraj Acharya

Why is astrology a science of the planets?

Even in the 21st century, very few people have a proper understanding of astrology, how does astrology work? It will be not an exaggeration to state that this subject hovers between belief and myth for the laymen. Is it possible that you will not burn your hands while touching fire? It’s not, even if you believe it to be true.

Likewise, astrology also rests on the realms of belief but we don’t have much knowledge about the subject. The first impression that comes to our mind of an astrologer is a person wearing red ochre clothing with a sectarian mark painted on the forehead. The person would be wearing some weird dress, with a rudraksh adorning his neck.

 People generally, confuse astrology with tantra and mix the two. So, you develop some preordained notions about the subject. This writing is mainly directed at laymen who don’t have any understanding of the discipline of astrology.

What is astrology?

The stars and planets have always been wonderful attractions to a child. Cosmology has inspired generations of Eastern saints and scholars who have come up with accurate predictions about the weather, people and harvesting. Astrology is the study of these planets and their impact on the daily lives of individuals based on the position of planets and various other aspects.

Astrology is an occult science that is based on logic and statistics. Has it ever occurred to you that how can planets situated miles away can have any effect on human lives? You need to understand that our lives are transient but planets are eternal. You can resort to Shakespeare and state that stage is permanent but the players aren’t.

Origin of Indian Astrology

It is difficult to ascertain the correct dates of astrology, but researches claim that it began around 7000-7500 AD during the time of Maharshi Bhrigu. Quoting a research paper “Maharshi Bhrigu was the first compiler of predictive astrology. He predicted about 500,000 horoscopes and recorded the life details and events of various persons. This formed a database for further research and study.” It is known as Bhrigu Samhita.

How does Astrology work?

Every layman ask a question, How does Astrology work? Let’s explain how does Astrology work and the method of predictive horoscope calculation with an example. Suppose you have 100 horoscopes with you out of which 20 have divorce cases. So, there must be a common planetary relationship due to which there have been 20 divorces. Now if you can find this common combination and apply this to the 21st horoscope, it can be said that this person also has chances of divorce. So, you can see why astrology is closely based on statistics. This task was effectively performed for the first time by the great Sage Bhrigu.

Can Astrology be called a science?

People are generally divided into two groups, believers and non-believers on this question. Is astrology a complete hocus-pocus or there is some authenticity to it? Astrology is more in tune with metaphysics and based on the ancient science of energy. It relies on logical calculations and predictive analysis.  But still, these two groups will be confused about the rationality of the subject and will fail to come up with a concrete interpretation. It is not fair to pass any judgment without having a complete grip on this subject. This article is mainly aimed at people who don’t believe in the science part of astrology.

Respect the Traditions

Our modern generation dismisses this branch of study out rightly saying that planets situated light-years away can’t control human destiny. This is the basic fault that plagues people as they tend to pass judgment without having a solid foundation or knowledge about the subject. We tend to reject a theory straightaway that doesn’t cross our path.

As a young man, you might have become curious browsing through predictions by astrologers and wondered how they give accurate solutions. It seemed very interesting but as always irrational to us. It is also true that performance is also affected by different stages. The positions of the planets also affect your horoscope to a large extent.

Understanding the Subject

As an astrology practitioner, it’s essential to understand the nature of individual planets to arrive at a definite conclusion about its impact on human existence. Let’s try to simplify the planet Jupiter. It is symbolized as a fair-complexioned short-statured brahmin. He is a frugal eater but possesses a small round belly. He is religious, traditional with an educated bent of mind.

Similarly, every planet has its constitution and characteristics that is always tempered by a planetary position. There are a series of permutations and combinations that work to figure out the astrological position of each individual following their planets.

So, it reflects on the nature of the individual and daily life. It is thus easy to decipher the behavior of human beings by studying his planetary position. It would also help us to understand his future by analyzing these positions and paint a total picture.

Basic Understanding of the 12 Astrological Signs

Now, let’s come to the 12 astrological symbols and try to explain their characteristics in the context of human nature. Every human being passes through different stages from life to death. Like a newborn generally understands his surroundings and gets to know his parents and relatives.

He learns to walk, study and then enters into working life. He goes through all these phases through ups and downs by braving each situation. He falls into the clutches of various diseases and ultimately walks into the grip of death. These stages of life are clearly explained and understood when you look into the 12 astrological signs from Aries to Pisces.

Let’s go through the 12 astrological signs according to their chronological order.

  1. 1. Aries
  2. 2. Taurus
  3. 3. Gemini
  4. 4. Cancer
  5. 5. Leo
  6. 6. Virgo
  7. 7. Libra
  8. 8. Scorpio
  9. 9. Sagittarius
  10. 10. Capricorn
  11. 11. Aquarius
  12. 12. Pisces

Changing with Times

Traditional astrology was based on the socio-economic conditions of that time and gradually it changed its form keeping the socio-dynamics in mind. Modern astrologers now take the current society into account while giving predictions and this has enabled this subject to stay in relevance.

So, you have now gained a preliminary understanding of the main edifice of astrology based on the 12 signs and 9 planets. We have also seen how it’s closely related to the science of statistics and logic.

Establishing Astrology as a Science with Examples

Before wrapping up this article it is also important to come up with a set of examples for the better elucidation of the subject. You know that computer programming is based on several binary coding and language. Some of these are only understood by the system and it churns out an output according to the input provided. We understand that output only but don’t really comprehend what goes on in between.

Let’s try to provide you another easy example that most of you would be quite familiar with. We all use Facebook, Instagram, right? You all know that it is quite easy to operate this simple social media app. It has only been possible due to this programming language that is coded by technical experts.

These are experienced people and are known as programmers who possess a solid understanding of the language. It holds true for astrology as well. Horoscope is the code language and the output are the total incidents in a person’s life. An astrologer is that expert programmer who helps in deciphering the code and making the language simpler for laymen to understand.


Every person is capable of learning the science of astrology. It is a wrong premise that astrologers have superpowers and are occultists. This is a myth that needs to be debunked right away. Astrology is still going through these false notions and it needs to be changed.

A dedicated group of educated individuals can establish the rationale behind astrology and keep it on a firm pedestal. Astrology is not for the weak souls that only relies on predictions but helps you get out of inertia. Work hard and astrology will surely help you reap rich benefits from life.