Importance of Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology & Its Impacts

Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology

Importance of Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology & Its Impacts

Your Lagna is your actual self that you project to the world. Whereas your Arudha Langa is the image that the world perceives about you. So, if you are not known to phase Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology, this blog is for you. The top Bengali astrologer in Kolkata. Astrologer Debraj Acharya is here to share his knowledge with you and make you understand how your Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology projects you towards the world negatively or positively. 

In which way do people perceive you? Do you get accepted by people happily? Or does your image provide the wrong impression about you to the people around you? If at any point in your life, you have thought about these questions, your Arudha Lagna could answer this properly. So, with no more ado, let us understand what Arudha Lagna is and how it impacts our lives.

What is Arudha Lagna? 

When your Lagna is your Rising Sign or Ascendant, Arudha Lagna or AL is your alternative Lagna of yours. It is calculated based on the Lagna and Lagna Lord placement. Now the question is what are the necessities to know your Arudha Lagna? There are the necessities. AL signifies some of the harsh truths of yourself that you even are not aware of. In today’s age, everything counts on perception. Whether a person is rich, famous, infamous, notorious, celebrity, or controversial; the world recognizes him as he appears to the the world. This is what the Arudha Lagna is. 

How to Calculate Your Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology?

If you don’t know what your Arudha Lagna is, let us make it clear for you with an example in a few steps.

  • First, look at your lagna or your 1st house
  • Next, check your 1st house lord.
  • Then check for the placement of the 1st house/Lagna lord
  • Then, check how many houses away your lagna lord is placed from your Lagna.
  • Finally, count the same number from the house where your lagna lord is placed to identify your Arudha Lagna. 

Let’s say, Sagittarius is your Lagna and the lord of the house is placed in the 4th house (Pisces). So, your lagna lord is 4 houses away from your Lagna. Now you need to count 4 from Pisces to arrive at the 4th house from Pisces and it is Gemini. So, your Arudha Lagna is Gemini which is actually the 7th house from your Lagna. 

Why Everyone Should Care for Arudha Lagna?

In the world, we live in a society where we need to interact with people to carry out our day-to-day work and other activities. Hence, the image that society perceives about us impacts our personal and professional lives in many ways. It is our call to fame and it decides how a person will be accepted in this society. The more powerful your Arudha will be the more powerful and positive perception people will have about you. 

Wrapping Up

So, if you want to utilize and channel the power of your Arudha Langa in Vedic Astrology for your betterment, success, and happiness, consult with Astrologer Debraj Acharya, one of the most learned and experienced Bengali astrologers in Kolkata. Everybody has the right to increase their potential and identifying the strength of your Arudha Lagna can push you near fulfilling your ambitions.