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Navigating the Stars for Career Success: Astrologer’s Insights on Overcoming Job Challenges

Career Success

Navigating the Stars for Career Success: Astrologer’s Insights on Overcoming Job Challenges

JOB is one of the biggest corners for every growing buddy after his/her education. Once you get a good job, life seems easy to lead. Whereas, if you head the wrong way in your professional life, you might end up struggling to get a good job. Thus far, we would hear today what Astrologer Debraj Acharya, a genuine and good astrologer in Kolkata says on how to remove the trouble of getting jobs and become Career Success. You can contact him for personalized astrological consultation related to jobs and careers.

With a thorough analysis of your birth chart, considering the current planetary placement and transit, and reading of the D-9 and D-10 chart, it could be said, that you would get a job without any hurdle and/or how long you would find problems getting a job. So, let’s get started….

Which Planets Cause Job Obstruction?

We cannot blame just one planet for struggles in getting jobs. It solely counts on a native’s birth chart too. Still, some planets act as villains in getting jobs. These are

  • Saturn: Saturn is a Karma Karaka. If it is not favorable in your chart, it gives you delays and struggles in getting jobs.
  • Mars: Mars is about courage and ego. So, if it is too strong or weak in your birth chart, you may face several challenges in getting jobs. Even, you may face challenges maintaining relationships with colleagues and bosses.
  • Mercury: It represents the capability of communication with everyone. If you have been born with afflicted Mercury, you may have found difficulties in interviews, communications, and difficulties in decision-making regarding jobs.

How Planetary Afflictions Create Problems in Jobs?

Similar to planets, planetary afflictions or Dosha also impact jobs and create problems. Let us find out….

  • Rahu and Ketu Dosha: If Rahu and Ketu are associated with lagna, 2nd, 6th, and/or 10th house in your birth chart, they can create problems in getting jobs. They bring unexpected changes that are tough to cope with.
  • Mars Dosha: If your Mars is afflicted in your birth chart; whether it is debilitated or exalted, it can create problems on the job front. It provides conflicts, aggression, enmity, and rage with others and starts problems for you. You may suffer from frequent job changes.
  • Jupiter Dosha: When Jupiter is not well placed in your birth chart, you may find stability issues in jobs. Even, getting suitable jobs would become a challenge for you.
  • Saturn Dosha: If Saturn is afflicted in your birth chart, you may find unexpected delays and struggles on the job front. You would find it hard to crack interviews and get jobs with the expected salary.

Before Leaving, it should be mentioned…..

There are obstacles and there are remedies to deal with the obstacles. So, you need to visit the right person when you are undergoing problems and lots of struggles getting a suitable job. Astrologer Debraj, a good astrologer in Kolkata says, “There is no one-job-remedy-fits-all type thing in astrology. Your chart mirrors your potentiality and your weak points. I would suggest remedies after analyzing your birth chart”.

So, what are you looking for? Book an appointment now and get rid of all delays, struggles, and problems on your job front. Right remedy and precise prediction always work.