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Predict Chances of Securing Government Job with Online Astrology Consultation

Government Job Prereduction Astrology

Predict Chances of Securing Government Job with Online Astrology Consultation

Securing a government job is one of the most desired dreams for job aspirants for years, including those seeking government job prediction. Whatever the subject an aspirant studied in schools, colleges, and universities; getting a government job is still a big thing in India. Though, getting a government job is not an easy task. If it was that easy, then every topper from colleges and universities could secure jobs in government sectors. But it is not. Here comes the power of astrology. Astrology can predict whether you have a connection to get a government job or not. So, if you want to know about your chances of securing a government job, you can take an online consultation from an astrologer in Kolkata who specialises in government job prediction. It is that easy now.

Astrology and Government Job

Various factors decide whether a native gets a job in the government sector or he/she needs to change focus to another profession. Let’s discuss the points based on a planet in astrology that incurs a native to have a government job.

  • Sun and Moon are the best karaka of government jobs. So, if a native is born with strong Sun and Moon and the planets get connected with the 6th and 10th house then he/she has a higher chance of getting a government job. In the meantime, if Sun becomes the Amatyakarata graha, it is a strong indication of a government job.
  • Saturn is a karma karaka planet and it is the 10th house in the Kalpurush chart. Thus, Saturn signifies an important role in a career and selecting a career. Though, Saturn is not directly connected to getting a government job. But, if Saturn is not well placed in a birth chart then the native has a mere chance to excel in their career.
  • Moon is one of the very essential planets that play a vital role in securing a government job. If Moon is not that strong or afflicted and has no connection or combination with Sun; the chances of getting a government job get minimised.
  • If someone wants to get a job in military service or police then he/she must have a good placement of Mars in the birth chart.
  • If one wants to be a teacher or wants to work in the education field then he/she must have a strong Jupiter in the birth chart.

These are just a few. There is more to understanding whether a native can get a job in the government sector or not. To identify what your birth chart says about your job and career, please visit a reliable astrologer in Kolkata. You can also take online consultations sitting at your place.

Houses and Government Jobs in Astrology

Along with the powerful planets like the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, an astrologer check a few houses in a birth chart to predict the chances of having a government job. Houses that are essential to check are

  • 10th house
  • 11th house
  • 6th house
  • 5th house
  • 9th house
  • 8th house and of course the 1st house

Wrapping Up,

Predicting the chances of a government job is not child’s play. Only an experienced astrologer can analyse it very well. To have your prediction in privacy and with more accuracy, it is good to find an astrologer in Kolkata online. You can keep the consultation truly confidential.