Results Of Saturn In Eighth House

Results Of Saturn In Eighth House

Results of Saturn in 8th House

Said that your natal chart reflects your characteristics, personality, luck, career, relationship status quo, life span, and to name a few in a broad spectrum. Every single house among the 12 houses of a birth chart has a specific subject to depict. When 1st house says who you are and what you are in actual; 8th house says about your lifespan. Moreover, the role of 8th house differs under the influence or dominance of different planets. Today’s blog post is all about “Result of Saturn in Eighth House” irrespective of zodiac signs and ascendants. So, natives who were born with Saturn in the eighth house; please read the blog in full.

Role of 8th House & Results of Saturn in Eighth House

Whenever we think of Saturn, our minds get driven by myths, fear, and misconception. Conversely, when we look at 8th house in a natal chart, we get drawn with negative thoughts including death, obstacles, something hidden somewhere, dowry, accident, sorrow, delay, bad luck, and mystery, defame, disgrace, debt, etc. but, Saturn and 8th house are not all about negativity and fear. They both can endow a native more than many that we can ever think of. Instead of negativity, 8th house is a house of transformation, longevity, your hidden talent, and your belief in occult and spiritual matters; and Saturn is no one but the best guru/teacher/professor to push your life towards transformation with a long span of life.

Benefic Results of Saturn in Eighth House

When natives are born with Saturn in 8th house, they are blessed with long life and they are born hard-working.  Let us have a look at the positive gestures and results for natives with 8th house Saturn under the astrological glass of Astrologer Debraj Acharya, a renowned astrologer in Kolkata, India.

  1. 1. 8th house Saturn offers long life.
  3. 2. Natives with Saturn in 8th house have an interest in occult science.
  5. 3. Such natives undergo a spiritual advancement during the phase of Saturn (Dasha, Antardasha, or pratantardasha) or through the transit of Saturn through moon sign or ascendant.
  7. 4. Saturn in 8th house ensures certain transformations for the native in various ways.
  8. 5. Such natives are endowed with great intuition power.
  10. 6. Natives born with such connections do excel in professional fields like astrology, spiritual healer, engineer, technical profession, research, etc.
  12. 7. Such natives can get inheritance and money from their ancestors if Saturn is well placed in 8th house (the 8th house’s lord of the house is friendly to Saturn).
  14. 8. Moreover, natives with Saturn in 8th house can gain from share market and business.

But, we need to understand that every coin has its opposite phase. So, if Saturn is posted in an inimical house (if your 8th house is not friendly to Saturn) or it is conjunct with an enemy planet in your 8th house of the natal chart then you may face a few difficulties. At this juncture, Astrologer Debraj Acharya is always there for you with his astrological excellence and remedies in helping you out to reach out your goals of life.

Results of Saturn in 8th House for 12 Ascendants

Now, it is prime time to know the effects of Saturn in 8th house for 12 ascendants. The knowledge and experience of Astrologer Debraj Acharya help us to know the 8th house Saturn affects precisely for natives irrespective of twelve ascendants. Let us see what your 8th house with Saturn says about you,

1. Saturn in 8th House for Aries Ascendant

Scorpio is the 8th house of Aries people and Saturn in Scorpio is not always suitable for Aries natives. Though, these people do well if they are engaged in a profession related to a technical domain, medicine, spy, or research-oriented jobs. 

2. Saturn in 8th House for Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus people, Sagittarius is 8th house, and Saturn in Sagittarius offers average results. If Saturn is placed with Jupiter or benefic planet or aspect then it offers gain from an inheritance, marriage, and joint business.

3. Saturn in 8th House for Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendants, Saturn in the 8th house indicates self-house of Saturn – the Capricorn. It is good yoga and it offers long life and long-lasting marriage.

4. Saturn in 8th House for Cancer Ascendant

Aquarius is the 8th house of Cancer natives and it is Mool Trikona house for Saturn, its self-house. Thus, this placement only benefits Cancer natives with enduring marriage and good health.

5. Saturn in 8th House for Leo Ascendant

Pisces is the 8th house for Leo natives and Saturn in Pisces plays neutral. Hence, it is neither good nor bad for Leo natives. It offers mixed results in marriage life but indicates a journey to foreign lands.

6. Saturn in 8th House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo natives, Aries is the 8th house and Saturn debilitates Aries and creates hostile effects for Virgo natives. It offers problems in the study, loss in inheritance, and dissatisfaction in love matters.

7. Saturn in 8th House for Libra Ascendant

Taurus is 8th house of Libra natives and Saturn in Taurus is proven beneficial results to Taurus people including the gain in inheritance, success in research-related fields, and good for a long-lasting married life if not afflicted by malefic planets.

8. Saturn in 8th House for Scorpio Ascendant

Gemini is the 8th house for Scorpio natives and Saturn and Gemini both are inimical to Scorpions.  Hence, Saturn without aspect or combination of Jupiter in Gemini does not offer good result to Scorpio people and they undergo troubles in education and relation with mother.  

9. Saturn in 8th House for Sagittarius Ascendant

Cancer is the 8th house for Sagittarius people and Saturn in Cancer offers negative impacts on money and wealth-related issues. Though, this connection is good for traveling for Sagittarius natives.

10. Saturn in 8th House for Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn in Leo, the 8th house for Capricorn is not at all a good sign. It obstructs success and endows life with ups and downs. Though, it is a good placement for getting a government job.

11. Saturn in 8th House for Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius people, Virgo is the 8th house and Saturn in Virgo creates Vipreet Raj Yoga for Aquarius natives and ensures success instead of various obstacles.

12. Saturn in 8th House for Pisces Ascendant

Saturn gets exalted in Libra. Thus, Saturn in Libra, the 8th house for Pisces is benefic and offers long life, happily married life, and gain from inheritance and business.

Last but not least,

There are a few people who think of Saturn as mangalkaraka or Yogi Planet and Astrologer Debraj Acharya is one of those who believe Saturn can bring and add so many things to the natives who have born with Saturn in 8th house, as Saturn is Karma Karaka. Thus, if you want any astrological assistance with your Saturn in the eight-house in your natal chart, feel free to contact Astrologer Debraj Acharya, the experienced and best astrologer in Kolkata and India.

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