Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Saturn, the lord of Karma is highly known as a strict educator and mentor in mythology as well as in Vedic astrology. It is said, Saturn reflects the Karma you have done or you are doing in front of you undergoing you through various hardships. You will reap boon or bane via Saturn for what you do. Saturn watches out for everything you do in your life and he gives you back the effect of your Karma during his Mahadasha, Antardasha, Sade Sati, and Dhaiya.

Today, in this blog post, we are about to unfold the result based on the placement of Saturn in different houses (12 houses) in a native’s birth chart. If you know the placement of Saturn in the specific house of your natal chart then this blog will certainly be your help. If you don’t know but are eager to know the placement of Saturn in your birth chart and how it influences your life, don’t hesitate to contact Astrologer Debraj Acharya, the genuine and famous astrologer in Kolkata. He is just one call away.

Effects of Saturn in 12 Different Houses : 1st House to 12th House

So, without much delay let us put a glimpse on the placements of Saturn in 12 different houses (from Lagna/1st house/Ascendant to 12th house in a birth/natal chart) in detail.

Saturn in 1st House/Ascendant : Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Natives who are born with Saturn in the first house or Saturn in ascendant are hardworking, modest, penny-wise, and resolutely persistent. If the first house does not get afflicted by any negative planets then the native remains calm and lazy. Saturn in 1st house is not a good connection. It makes the native undergo many obstacles, sorrows, and hardships.

If Saturn is weak in ascendant or 1st house and it is afflicted by Sun or Moon or Jupiter then the native is compelled to live a life full of sorrow and sadness. Such placement makes it difficult to become financially well-off or socially established for natives. If Saturn gets afflicted by Sun then such connection may lead to imprisonment. If Saturn gets afflicted by Moon in ascendant then native will go through financial hardship and poverty. The affliction of Saturn by Jupiter causes misfortune and distress in the life of the native. If Saturn in ascendant or 1st house gets scorched by Mars then natives must go through constant controversy and defamation.

Notwithstanding the fact mentioned above, if Saturn is favored by Sun/Jupiter /Venus then the native gains establishment and financial power despite sorrow and hardship in life. Saturn, favored by Sun provides high social status and respect to the natives. If Saturn gets empowered by Jupiter or Venus, the native will be lucky in financial matters.

If 1st house/ascendant Saturn is impacted by any malefic planets then it would not provide good results to the natives. But the result goes positive if your first house is Saturn’s self-house or Saturn gets exalted in this house.

Ascendant or 1st house Saturn turns people away from the company. Such natives love to stay in seclusion. On contrary, if Saturn is favored by any auspicious planet, it endows the native with strong devotion and piety. 1st house Saturn can reduce the lifespan if Saturn is not favored/indebted by the Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.

Saturn in 2nd House : Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Saturn in the 2nd house indicates natives will earn money through hardships and hard works. If 2nd house Saturn is not malefic then such connection makes native thrifty and he/she able to make savings. 2nd house Saturn indicates hardships and delays in earning money and gaining success. Native can earn money or livelihood by hard work or tenacious job. The natives can make money via farming or agricultural works.

If 2nd house Saturn is favored by Venus or Jupiter then the native becomes super-rich. If Saturn gets preferential by the Sun in the 2nd house then native earns a lot by responsible job roles. The native can earn and save more money by hard work and penny-pinching if the second house Saturn is favored by Moon. If the second house Saturn gets afflicted by malefic Moon or Sun then it offers poverty to the native. 2nd house Saturn makes native pretty much thrifty or frugal.

Saturn in 3rd House:

Saturn in the 3rd house makes a native a bit conventional and the native’s intellect is a little narrow in the sense. The native cannot go beyond rigid thinking and he is unable to understand something very quickly. His sluggishness can be seen in his speech, actions, and mannerisms. Such natives rarely have siblings or relatives; though, if they have then they will not share healthy relationships or they may get separated from the relatives or siblings. Native may have a single brother if Saturn in such position is favored by the Moon or Venus or Neptune. Saturn in the third house makes a native parsimonious, cautious, and timid. Traveling, studying, or dealing with relatives can be frustrating for the native with Saturn’s placement in 3rd house. He tends to suffer from sadness and depression.

If 3rd house Saturn is preferential by Moon, Venus or Mercury then he owns deceitful intellect, and he uses the intellect to accomplish his jobs. If Jupiter favors 3rd house Saturn then the native becomes calm, thoughtful, and persistent, and he possesses practical which is simple but very mature in sense.

If 3rd house Saturn gets inflicted by Moon, Mars, Sun, or Jupiter then the native gets deceitful by nature and he devoid of religious knowledge. Moreover, he incurs losses and lacks fortune due to his relatives.

Effects of Saturn in 4th House:

Saturn placed in the 4th house turns a native unsocial. Such natives are born with Saturn in the 4th house tend to live in isolation. He/she is frugal and seems to have trouble getting along with people. The native may have a burden or responsibility that hinders his progress. His family or parents may create a hindrance to his success. If 4th house Saturn is not favored by any auspicious planet or it is not powerful then the native cannot progress by any means. Even, he is forced or he tends to be frugal and self-possessed due to surrounding pressure. He remains in grief and misery due to family matters and he has to go through a hell of a lot of hardship. There must be an obvious scarcity and inconvenience in his home and land. He will be deprived of luxurious life, food, and accouterment. He will never be obese and he remains slim.

 If 4th house Saturn gets afflicted or it is weak then it impacts the life of the native negatively. The native never get succeed as he deserves, and poverty never goes away from his life.

While 4th house Saturn gets afflicted by the Sun, the native may lose a job as well as face disgrace in his last phase of life, and at some point in his life, he may be involved in criminal matters and face humiliation. If Saturn in the 4th house gets troubled by the Moon or the Jupiter or the Venus, it can cause poverty, financial hardship, and losses in ancestral property. If Saturn gets afflicted by Ketu then the native will leave the society as well as home.  If Mars afflicts Saturn in the 4th house then the native may suffer from injury or amputation.

The auspicious outcome can be experienced by the native if 4th house Saturn gets favored by the powerful Sun or Moon. The native will earn money and social status via self-effort, hard work, and prudence. If 4th house Saturn gets impacted positively by Jupiter or Venus, the native may earn huge money and assets as well as the status of an affluent person in the society.

Saturn in 5th House:

5th house Saturn restricts native’s mind to respond much to affection. His imagination stays limited and revolved around the practical world.  He never has a special passion for love or romance. He lacks the confidence to get involved in a love relationship thinking this will break his heart. Thus, he remains completely indifferent to love-related matters. When it is all about progenies, 5th house Saturn causes obstacles and grief in natives’ lives. The native has to be happy with only one son if Saturn does not share any healthy bonding with the Moon or Venus in the birth chart. Such natives cannot incur any special benefit from any adventurous or new-fashioned job; whereas they can earn a lot of money in ordinary or conventional work, or in work that does not involve much risk or fear of further loss. 5th house Saturn can make a native cunning in nature.

If by any chance Saturn in 5th house gets afflicted then the native must be unlucky in the matters of affection and children. He may incur huge losses in business and suffer from anxiety due to children.

While 5th house Saturn is affluent by positivity; the native may achieve big success via his worldly wisdom.

In spite of being favored by positive planets, Saturn in the 5th house makes a native heartless and lacks empathy.

Saturn in 6th House:

6th house Saturn is highly inauspicious for health. The native is never able to enjoy complete wellness of health and many times he suffers from illness due to some reasons that he is not responsible for. Living in an unhealthy place, frequent diet, starvation, and unhealthy food habit may inflict his health badly. Health issues make him suffer from anxiety and worry frequently, and these all lead to despair, disappointment, depression, and failure in his life. 6th house Saturn may create a situation that compels a native to live in an unhealthy place, eat an unhealthy diet, and even be forced to eat little or remain starved. Habitually, he does not get the job that he likes. Many times even after working hard, he does not get the expected results. He suffers from a lot of worries due to his employees and the servants, and if he works under anyone, no matter how hard he works, his boss never favors and appreciates his work. He may have a permanent disease; there is a possibility that he may suffer from diseases like phlegm and arthritis.  Excessive work can lead to disease. He likes to have plain and simple food. He likes to have bitter juices and he favors having spice-less meals and fruits. He prefers veg dishes to non-veg.

If 6th house Saturn is favored by auspicious planets then the native can maintain his health living a self-disciplined and moderate life. Often starvation acts well on his health.

While 6th house Saturn gets afflicted by malefic planets, the native remains chronically ill most of the time, and the pain and anxiety of the disease poisoned his life. if 6th house Saturn gets malefic by the Moon or Jupiter or Sun then the native suffers from a very unfortunate yoga and its consequences.

Saturn in 7th House:

7th house Saturn makes a native marry an aged person (male/female) or it creates obstacles in a marriage. the spouse of the native may have a strong sense of devotion and loyalty to the married life, but the spouse has more feelings of a housewife/husband than a lover.  7th house Saturn indicates that the spouse (husband/wife) of the native would be very hardworking, skilled, and dutiful in housework. Such position of Saturn creates trouble for natives and natives may not be lucky to evade such turmoil; rather he faces longtime enmity and gets harmed by his enemies in various ways. He never incurs success in partnership; even many of the time he may suffer due to the turmoil his partner undergoes actually. The enemy of the native is not easily destroyed. Due to the enmity, he has to suffer a lot and his success gets hindered.

If 7th house Saturn gets malefic then the native must suffer from an unhappy married life. Due to his enemies, he may experience hard luck and failure.

However, if the 7th house Saturn gets benefic aspects from auspicious planets then it showers native’s married life with happiness and peace. The native gets successful due to the spouse’s (wife/husband) persistence, diligence, and frugality.

Saturn in 8th House:

If 8th house Saturn is not malefic then the native’s life span gets increased and he dies of a disease of old age. This connection in the birth chart is not favorable in the matter of ancestral property; though the native builds home and properties of his own will. He may earn well in doing business or investing money in different fields. But, he incurs losses due to his partner in business or by his spouse very often. If he gets ancestral property by any chance; the property gets destroyed anyway or he does not get the portion of the property he wishes for. 

If the 8th house Saturn is malefic then the native dies of disease after suffering a lot. If Saturn in the eighth house gets afflicted by the Jupiter or Moon then the native may die of tuberculosis. Such placement of Saturn indicates financial hardship for debt. He may suffer from financial or property losses due to his spouse or after his marriage. If 8th house Saturn is malefic, inflicted by Moon or Ketu, and not favored by any auspicious planet, the native may die of drowning or suffocating to death. Eight houses Saturn afflicted by Sun leads native to untimely death.

If 8th house Saturn is in a favorable position, the native gains long life through moderation and caution and dies easily due to the disease of old age. At the time of death, not all his relatives are present; even he may die in solitude.

Saturn in 9th House:

When the ninth house Saturn is not afflicted, the native is a man of extremely conservative nature. His intellect is never generous. He remains apathetic to religion very often, and he focuses more on traditional rituals. He cannot get rid of conservativeness easily. Such natives do not like to travel; if he sets off for traveling then he is compelled to do so by force. For father or father-like figures, he may suffer from hardship and bad luck, and he undergoes a lot of troubles due to litigations. Living abroad or traveling may lead him to misfortune and losses. If the ninth house Saturn is not favored by the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, or Sun then the native suffers from hard luck. Such natives do not get connected with good mentors.

If ninth house Saturn is malefic, the native becomes very unlucky. His father or mother may die early at age and the native never prosper much in his life. While, Saturn in the 9th house is afflicted by the Sun, Moon, or Jupiter, and Saturn is not aspected by any favorable planet; the native may suffer from distress, misfortune, poverty and even he may be a beggar.  

If Saturn in the 9th house is preferential by the Sun, Moon, or Jupiter, the native may create his luck and earn money and social status of his own will. The native cannot do or achieve much if the eighth house Saturn gets favored by other planets despite Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.

Saturn in 10th House:

If 10th Saturn is not malefic then the native may get succeed with endeavor and hard work. He is not so much lucky to get favor from other when it comes to working. Whatever he earns or achieves; he does all on his own. He does get opportunities easily and he achieves success undergoing a hell of a lot of trouble and delay. At some point in life, he suffers a lot, and he needs to do hard work for a lifetime. There are many obstacles in his development due to the burden of a big responsibility; no matter how much progress he made, he does not get rid of hard work and hassle.  Native is highly ambitious and at some point in life, he achieves high status. Such natives are born with Saturn in the 10th house; he improves a lot from the innate or inherent condition by his self-efforts, perseverance, and tireless work. Inherited status or ambiance is often not favorable to him.

10th house Saturn plays an inhospitable role if it is malefic and it may cause a ton of stress and trouble in native’s life. He never gets succeed completely due to malefic Saturn in the 10th house. By chance, if he gets to succeed, he experiences a downfall again. Inauspicious Saturn in the tenth house may cause a hell of a lot of worries and mental stress in financial and domestic matters. Obviously, he may suffer hard from poverty at some stage of his life.

If a native is born with auspicious Saturn in the 10th house, he achieves establishment and respect on his own; though the value comes almost at the end of life and much later. While 10th house Saturn gets favored by the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, or Venus; the native attains a very high and responsible position. He saves a big in investing money maintaining frugality and with discretion. Though, he needs to work hard for a lifetime.

If Saturn in the 10th house goes afflicted by Sun then the native may get imprisonment. On the contrary, the 10th house Saturn favored by Sun endows a person with fame and establishment via authoritative jobs in governmental sectors.

Saturn in 11th House:

Such natives have very few friends. He gets a very little amount of help in professional life from others. He gets a few reliable and beneficial friends among aged persons, his employees, and attendants if Saturn in the 11th house is not malefic in anyways. The native is not at all lucky in the matter of progenies or his children. He suffers heartbreak and hardships due to his children. Specifically, his daughter causes anxiety and tension in his life. Sometimes, such natives have no daughter; but if he has then he needs to suffer a lot due to his daughter. He does get any real support from his friends, and the behavior of friends causes frustration and remorse in his life.  He can never be so popular.

Malefic Saturn in the 11th house causes a hell of a lot of Disappointment and frustration. If the eleventh house Saturn gets afflicted by Sun, Moon, or Mars then the native suffers from a state of mental anguish lifetime; moreover, he does not create a bond with his friend or relative. Whether it is his home or office or society, no one likes his company at all.

If 11th house Saturn is benefic then the native may be accompanied by a few friendly persons in his workplace, but a very few people in the society want his friendship. If this Saturn is favored by Venus or the Moon, it gives some popularity but still, he does not have much earnestness with friends.

Saturn in 12th house:

If 12th house Saturn is not preferential then the native experiences many obstacles through his success. Even, he cannot accomplish any job systematically. He may suffer from losses and downfall due to excessive savings or expenses or frugality. He should not go to an extreme level to save or spend his savings. At some point in his life, he has to live in solitude or the unknown or obscurity.  Laziness, procrastination, and over-caution nature can cause him grief and failure. Dissatisfaction from superiors or lack of opportunity can hinder his performance or improvement, and even he can be forced to lose his job. Bad news, apathy, and cowardice hinder his progress. If 12th house Saturn is malefic then it may cause damage to furniture or property due to any kind of mishap. Native may have a few secret enemies and they do great harm to him; moreover, the secret enemies do harass the native for a long time. He cannot get rid of hurdles towards his success so easily or fast.

If 12th house Saturn is malefic then the native never achieve the success he deserves. He has to undergo so many worries and adversity throughout his life. While Saturn in the 12th house is afflicted by the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, or Venus; the native must go through extreme trouble and poverty at some point in his life. During such time, the native may leave his domestic life and spend life in solitude or obscurity. He may remain confined at a place for a long time due to his inability or lameness. If Saturn in the 12th house is not aspected by any auspicious planet and it is afflicted both by Mars and Sun, the native must undergo imprisonment.

On the contrary, if 12th house Saturn is favored by auspicious planets, the native will get rid of hurdles towards his success through his endeavors and hard work. The native progresses gradually in being meticulous and cautious. Such natives are frugal and it is a frequent matter. Being cautious and parsimonious, the native manages to have good savings and property on his own. If the twelfth house Saturn is favored by the Moon, Jupiter, or Varun (Neptune) then the native incurs benefits from land gardens, etc., and from agriculture or agricultural products.

In a Nutshell,

I hope, the post will counter all your doubts and quarries related to the placement of Saturn in different houses in an astrological chart. if you still have questions to ask or want specific doubts related to Saturn’s placement in your natal chart, please feel free to contact Astrologer Debraj Acharya, the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Best of luck and Thanks for reading!