5 Numerological Secrets – Uncover Through Your Life Path Number

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5 Numerological Secrets – Uncover Through Your Life Path Number

Everyone’s life is unique to others and so as its challenges. The real purpose as well as the direction of our lives and life can be identified and navigated by a few of us. Here comes numerology, an age-old practice that helps in gain insights into our lives and uncover the real purposes, challenges, and opportunities destiny holds ahead of our thinking.

Numerology unwraps several meanings of life through numbers including your life path number, destiny number, Kua number, core number, and so on. Nevertheless, today, we are about to decipher the secrets of ‘Life Path Number’ through the insight and analysis comprehended by Astrologer Debraj Acharya, one of the Best astrologers in Kolkata cum numerologists.

Secrets of Life Path Number in Numerology

The practice of unveiling different aspects of life through the Life Path number has been employed over the past centuries. In this practice, your whole birthdate number (date, month, and year) gets consolidated into a single digit and the digit holds a whole package of your life including your personality, strengths, purposes, challenges, and lots more….

So, with no more delay, let us delve into the fascinating secrets of Life Path Number and try to gain mindfulness of this numeric voyage.


  • Birthdate Numerology

Your birthdate is more than a chronological number. Once you add your birthdate and bring the whole number down into one single number, you can better find your inherent qualities easily. Let’s say, your birthdate is 01-02-1985. So, your Life Path Number will be 0+1+0+2+0+1+9+8+5 = (26) 2+6 = 8. The number 8 will define so many things about you.

  • Realize the Core Trait

No matter who or what you are, your life path number showcases your core traits and tendencies without any mistakes. The knowledge you have and the power you carry inside can be deciphered by the life path number.

  • Identify Your Life Challenges & Opportunities

Believe it or not, your life path number says about the challenges you will meet in your life and the opportunities you will gain throughout your lifetime. How many challenges you will get and how easily or hardly you overcome those challenges with physical and mental power can be interpreted by your life path number. Making decisions seems easy when you have numerological consultation to navigate your life effortlessly.

  • Follow Your Passion for Better Living

The fact that is called passion is sometimes neglected by us in life.. Once you know what is your passion and what makes you happy, you can easily spend your life no matter how tough or easy it is on you. That is why, knowing your life path number and analyzing it is very important. You can proceed on the path that leads you to success.

  • Foster Relationships with Better Compatibility

You cannot stay happy and healthy until and unless you are in a healthy relationship. Your life path number can say a lot about relationship compatibility with your beloved, friend, and family, and even how to interact in society.

Once a person discovers himself/herself from the inside, he/she becomes more confident and resilient to overcome the hurdles of life.


If you find this post insightful and desire to gain your life purpose through the mirror of life path number numerology, consider visiting a professional numerologist near you. You can take the help of Astrologer Debraj Acharya in this regard.