Prediction of Child Birth with the Right Child Blessing Astrology Method

Prediction of Child Birth with the Right Child Blessing Astrology Method

For an ideal couple, getting a child after is the priority. They love each other, undertake the responsibilities of families, and plan the future with their children. But, do you believe that everyone is that blessed to have a child easily after marriage? Not actually! If you believe that only medical science has all power and techniques to tell you whether you can have progeny or not, you are not entirely right. With the magnifying glass of child-blessing Astrology and the important houses in your birth chart, you can decode the possibilities of having a child after marriage. To clear your doubts, you can visit the best astrologer in Kolkata and decode the luck of your child.

Child Birth and Astrology

The birth charts of husband and wife – both are considered to tell whether the couple will beget children or not. Let us know the houses that predict whether a couple will be easily blessed with a child or will struggle.

  1. 1st House or Ascendant: Health plays an essential role to conceive. Hence, the 1st house of a woman is important to begat a healthy child. A strong ascendant as well as its disposition are essential for a healthy child.
  2. 2nd House: This house indicates the living and non-living assets of your family and you. Thus, the 2nd lord and the 5th lord should be on good terms to have a healthy child or an easy childbirth.
  3. 7th House: This is the 3rd house of the 5th It shows the desire of your spouse and his/her sexual desire too. Thus, to have a beautiful child your 7th house should be free from the effect of malefic planets. Otherwise, it can create hindrance in increasing your family.
  4. 8th House: The 7th house of 2nd house and 4th from the 5th This house indicates the sexual body parts of males and females. The presence of ill planets in the 8th house like Shani, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu can create hindrances in conception.
  5. 11th House: It is the 7th house from 5th house and 10th from the 2nd. Thus, the placement of good planets in the 11th house shows good results in giving birth to a child. If the house gets afflicted then you can have an issue with your child.
  6. 5th House: The most essential and main house to indicate your progeny. If the house is acquired by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Ketu, Rahu, or even Mercury; it seems malefic. If Sun, Moon, Jupiter, or Venus is placed in the 5th house, or lord of the 5th house, or somehow gets connected with the 5th house, the couple would be blessed with a healthy child.

If your 5th house is one of these houses like Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, or Capricorn, you have strong possibilities to be blessed with children.


We know it is not an easy task to predict when and how easily you could own parenthood. Thus, it is better to visit the best astrologer in Kolkata or in the city you live to know your chart. An experienced astrologer can help you with the right tips and predict the right time to plan your baby.