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How Far is The Selection of The Name of The newborn with the help of Numerology logical?


How Far is The Selection of The Name of The newborn with the help of Numerology logical?

It is quite possible that many of today’s people who have some kind of interests in different spheres must have heard the term Numerology. Though Numerology is more popular in the West than in India, still people in India are not unaware of its uses and benefits.

This particular article will highlight the logical explanation of the selection of the baby’s name with the help of Numerology.


Let’s just understand first WHAT IS NUMEROLOGY!

Numerology is known to be a part of Astrology. It is based on the importance of the digits or numbers in our lives. Digits have their own significance. Numerology helps us to discover that. It is also applied to mysticism.

Numerology helps us in different aspects of life. But to have the most benefit of this extremely powerful study, we have to know, at first, what is the proper application of Numerology.

One of the best Astrologers in Kolkata, Debraj Acharya has told in this article, how Numerology can help us to choose the name of a newborn. He also discusses, in this article, what is the proper use of Numerology in life.

What is name selection and why it is so important!

There is no doubt that name is inseparable with existence. We live with our names, names build the identity and so of course there is someone with the names that we should keep in mind.

In ancient times, if one heard or noticed, the name selection of the newborn was done by knowledgeable priests in many cases because there was a thing that names have an impact on lives. Though we are not likely to see or feel that everytime, but definitely it has. So definitely we just cannot choose the children’s names randomly.

One of the best astrologer in kolkata,Debraj Acharya has advised to be more precise with choosing this. He says, everything in this Universe has its own effect and when a baby is born to this planet, of course, he has come with some impacts, positive or negative. If we choose to be more wise with the name, we are willing to give the baby, then he or she can have that benefit throughout the life.

He also says that name is an important pole in life so this is not like something easily changeable. We need time, effort and moreover proper knowledge to do so. Besides, changing the name or the name’s spelling can definitely have a social effect on that particular being. So obviously, we cannot do that on a regular basis. We have to be more conscious and particular if we have thought about undergoing the process of name change.

He also adds,a name is something that builds character and personality. We often recognise people with their names so undoubtedly names are not something that can be taken for granted.

 Relation of Numerology and Astrology

Here Astrologer Debraj Acharya has mentioned some very interesting points. He says, many children are born on a particular date, so technically all of them should have similar numerological value, and the same goes with the year also. Many children are also born in a year so they should also have the same numerological value.

But what happens in reality is that every native is the owner of different horoscopes. So basically we see that though born in the same year, month or even date, their horoscopes do not match. Now many of you will ask the reason. Astrologer Debraj Acharya also has a very prominent answer to this also, that is, every child on this planet is born with a completely different horoscope and with completely different planetary effects. The reason behind this is, when a child is born the planets stay in some position and the next moment when the other child is born, they may not be in the same position. This is true because our earth is moving and so are the planets.

So when we tally the astrological and numerological value, we see differences. This was to happen because Numerology only focuses on the numbers, where Astrology is deeper and deals with the native’s horoscope in particular.

Debraj Acharya also says that when we analyse the child’s Birth chart, we give importance to Lagna. Though the children born on a particular day may have the same Rashi, or may not; but it is for sure that they definitely have separate horoscopes. Astrological analysis is totally based on Lagna and for that we really have to delve deeper into the particular sphere.

Each and every planet, including the Sun and Moon, though not planets, have prominent roles to play in our lives, and when the child is born, he or she starts to get the impact in less than a minute.

The proper way of selecting Names

 Now many of you are always bothered by the question “ WHAT IS THE PROPER WAY OF SELECTING NAMES?”

Astrologer Debraj Acharya has also helped you with this. According to him, if you are serious enough about choosing the names of your newborn, you can do that in the beginning when your baby has just touched the earth. Make a proper Birth chart for your baby, and then go for choosing the proper name for your child. Only then your baby will get the benefits of both Astrology and Numerology throughout life. Most importantly, it will be more effective on your baby than doing some corrections in the later part of his life.

If you aspire to have a particular life for your newborn, you can definitely pay a visit to Astrologer Debraj Acharya as currently he is one of the top Astrologers in Kolkata.

But if you change your baby’s name after a certain period of time, it will be a bit tougher for the native to deal with that. It is because he or she is already known by the name, and also he is enrolled in his or schools, and colleges with that name. So it will be very uncomfortable for him to undergo a sudden change. Moreover, he may not be likely to get the ultimate benefit of Numerology.


Today in this world of hustling and bustling, many people are still aware of the fact that there is some mysticism that is helpful to make their lives beautiful.

Astrology and Numerology are such aspects of life that can come to your rescue when everything seems impossible, but the secret is “Proper knowledge and application” .

Nowadays, people are becoming so aware of these facts that they only want genuine astrologers and numerologists. Astrologer Debraj Acharya is currently in the position of those astrologers, whom people are now trusting the most. His sufficient knowledge about these aspects and proper guidance to help people out, make him the BEST Astrologer.

If you too want to take help from one of the best astrologers in Kolkata, feel free to seek guidance from Debraj Acharya.