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Astrological Indications of Love Marriage – You Can Check Yours Here


Astrological Indications of Love Marriage – You Can Check Yours Here

Time is changed as well as the mindset of couples. Today, falling in love is a very random episode. No matter the caste, creed, religion, or financial status, one can fall for others out of love and admiration. But, very few love-relationship come up to marriage. The good news is that astrology can predict whether a native might have the chance of getting married via love marriage or not. Therefore, for natives who are deeply in love and want to know whether their relationship will reach marriage according to astrology, this blog will put light on your queries.

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Astrological Conditions for a Love Marriage

If you know how to read your birth chart then you should look at the 7th, 8th, 5th, and 11th house of your birth chart. If you don’t know, Astrologer Debraj is here for your help. Now moving on, even, planets Rahu, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Moon somehow ignite the possibility of having a love marriage. So, let us have a look at a few combinations that indicate a marriage of love.

  1. The fifth house is one of the main houses to check to predict a love marriage.
  2. If the 5th house lord is sitting in the 7th house or the 7th house lord is in the 5th house, chances are made for love marriage.
  3. If the 5th house lord is in conjunction with the 7th house lord or they have exchanged their houses or nakshatras.
  4. If the 5th and 7th house lords are placed in the 11th house or they are in combination with the 11th
  5. If Rahu and Venus are in a combination, chances of the marriage of love are also indicated.
  6. If Rahu is placed in the 7th house or Rahu is in Libra/Pisces/Scorpio with Venus, a strong chance of a love marriage is indicated.
  7. When Rahu is in conjunction with Venus in 5th, 7th, 8th, and/or 2nd, it indicates a strong connection of having a love marriage for the native.
  8. If there is a conjunction of Rahu and Moon in a birth chart and Venus also joins the group, it indicates having a love marriage.
  9. If Moon is conjunct with Mercury, the romance will bloom and the native may tie knots via the marriage of love.
  10. The placement of Mercury and Venus in Gemini or Scorpio also indicates the chances of a marriage of love.

Two certain things need to be considered for a successful accomplishment of a love marriage. if Venus is regressive and forms any of the yogas mentioned above then the condition is not considered positive for the marriage of love.

Wrapping Up,

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. So, it is very essential that two persons love and respect each other for a happier and more successful marriage life; be it a love marriage or arranged marriage. it is certainly advised to consult with a trusted and famous astrologer in Kolkata before you tie the knot in a love relationship.