Separative Planets in Astrology & How They Cause Divorce/Separation

cause divorce

Separative Planets & Their Roles Harming Marriage Life Cause Divorce or Separation) There are so many things we cannot control which cause divorce instead of possessing intellect and wiliness; and so is divorce or separation in conjugal life. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage; no one can say when and how […]

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

Effects of Saturn in Different Houses Saturn, the lord of Karma is highly known as a strict educator and mentor in mythology as well as in Vedic astrology. It is said, Saturn reflects the Karma you have done or you are doing in front of you undergoing you through various hardships. You will reap boon […]

Results Of Saturn In Eighth House

Results of Saturn in 8th House Said that your natal chart reflects your characteristics, personality, luck, career, relationship status quo, life span, and to name a few in a broad spectrum. Every single house among the 12 houses of a birth chart has a specific subject to depict. When 1st house says who you are […]

Delayed Marriage or Late Marriage in Astrology

Delayed Marriage/Late Marriage in Astrology – Planetary Placement & Combination “Marriage” – the seven-letter word means a lot for our society; regardless of the part of the globe, we belong to. When we born as a human; every one of us is required to deal with the idea of marriage at a certain point of […]

Result of Mars in 8th House

Believe it or not, but every planet has some business to showcase in astrology. It is impossible to understand the impact of planets on natives’ lives and personalities until and unless you know the characteristics and significance of planets in astrology. Each planet plays its integral role depending on the house it is posted in […]