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Understanding Personal Potentials & Compatibility Through Numerology

potentials, and Compatibility

Understanding Personal Potentials & Compatibility Through Numerology

Numerology is a century-old practice and it is based on the mere calculator of numbers. The numbers could be your date of birth, number of letters of your full name, number of vowels in your name, and so on. The significance of various aspects of your life is reflected through numerology once you know how to use this method properly. Be it the compatibility meter in different aspects of life and/or the insights you have gained through your journey of hardship and experiences, your numerology chart can depict all precisely. 

Consequently, if you want to uncover your hidden traits, potentials, and Compatibility in the upcoming days, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the best numerologist cum best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Debraj Acharya. 

Gaining Insights How Compatible You Are Through Numerology

There are various methods numerology uses to define how compatible you are with others and which is the source of your insights in life. These methods include calculating life path number, Destiny number, Soul Urge Number, and so on. Let us begin here….

  • Life Path Number:  It is a single-digit number that comes in reducing your complete date of birth (including the month and year). It says about your purpose in life your characteristics, and how you can get gelled with others. It also sheds light on your strength to overcome challenges. 
  • Expression Number: The number depicts the natural abilities you have along with your potential, talents, and the way you express your feelings and thoughts to the world. 
  • Personality Number: This number derives from the number of consonants in your name. It represents how you are perceived by people around you. When you compare the personality numbers of two individuals, you can understand how they complement each other and communicate as well. 
  • Soul Urge Number: This number is calculated based on the vowels in a name. It represents the inner realm and source of motivations of an individual. Through this number, the emotional quotient of a person can be decided as well as emotional compatibility. 
  • Compatibility or Numerological Grid: Experienced astrologers and numerologists count on a compatibility grid to calculate the overall compatibility between a couple or two individuals. This grid sheds light more comprehensively to decipher the relationship equilibrium. 

There are more like the Kua Number, Driver Number, Conductor Number, and Lo Shu Grid calculation; these all help to understand how an individual interacts and maintains a relationship with others in this materialistic world. 

Practical Applications of Numerological Calculations

Numbers we have discussed earlier not only decipher the potential, instinct, qualities, and desire you have within but also these numbers shed light on your career, the ability of decision-making, and the speed of your personal growth. Also, the numbers say how easily you can communicate with people who share the same numbers. 


Thus, if you want to know more about yourself and/or about the person you love the most, you can certainly take the help of numerological consultation. So, what are waiting for? Find out the compatibility rate, purposes, and hidden chances of your life with better insight with a numerological consultation by Astrologer Debraj, one of the best astrologers in Kolkata and a numerologist of repute.