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8 Amazing Facts of Vedic Astrology – You Love to Explore

Facts of Vedic astrology

8 Amazing Facts of Vedic Astrology – You Love to Explore

We have discussed so many things about Yogas, Combinations, Planetary Transition, Retrogression of planets, Dasha, Mahadasha, and so on in various blogs earlier. But, today, we would like to discuss some Facts of Vedic astrology that Astrology enthusiasts would like to know, I believe.

Explore Fascinating Facts of Vedic Astrology

So, no more wasting time, and let’s delve into top facts of Vedic Astrology that will certainly amaze you.

  • Age of Vedic Astrology…..

You would be amazed to know that according to archaeological evidence and top astrologers in Kolkata, Vedic astrology has been in practice since 5000 BC. it is impossible to predict the actual date of the inception of Vedic astrology as it had been in practice through the transmission of knowledge and Hindu Scriptures without proper scripting.

  • Evidence of Astrology In Vedas……

Yes, you have heard it right. Vedic Astrology has been sourced from Vedas and Jyotish Vedangas is one of the rich sources. Earlier, Rishis practiced astrology in tandem with the help of Vedas for ages.

  • Subsidiary Notations….

The Vedic (Contemporary) Astrology, astrologers practice today is written by Rishi Parashara and Rishi Jaimini. The book, written by Rishi Parashara, discusses the fundamentals of Astrology. Whereas, Rishi Jaimini introduced a unique system in astrology, known as Jaimini Astrology.

  • Truly Distinct from Western Astrology….

Vedic Astrology discusses the place of all planets along with zodiac signs and it is known as Sidereal astrology. Whereas, Western astrology counts on the placement of the planets and their positions based on the position of the Sun. it is known as Tropical Astrology. Thus, you can avail of more detailed calculations if you take Vedic astrological consultation.

  • Moon and its Importance in Vedic Astrology…

Moon is a satellite which is natural. Thus, it is considered a planet in Vedic astrology due to its significance in the human mind and life. The moon is an important planet as it controls our emotions, mental strength, and weakness; these emotional ups and downs create huge effects on day-to-day life.

  • Vedic Astrology Considers Signs, Planets, & Houses….

Vedic Astrology does on count on only the placement of the Sun and its position; rather it takes a deep insight into 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, and 12 houses in a birth chart to delve into more profound prediction with more accuracy. Vedic Astrology’s belief system is far more integrated compared to Western Astrology but it offers precise predictions for the present and future.

  • Planets are Being Resonated to God…..

The beauty of Vedic Astrology is the resonance it creates with the 9 planets to nine deities. This is why, Navagraha in Vedic astrology is worshiped as nine Vedic Gods and we believe they can protect us from evil to any extent.

  • Importance of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology…

In Hindu/Vedic Astrology, 27 nakshatras manifest a huge impact on human life. That is why, we worship the nakshatras to incur divine blessings. Every person is born in a specific star and carries the energy of the stars for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up…..

This is the beauty of Vedic Astrology that we love to adore and preserve for ages. If you believe in Vedic Astrology, the facts unleashed above hope to appease your desire to know more about Vedic astrology.

One more thing, if you love to read similar pieces on Vedic Astrology, don’t forget to drop a comment below. We will certainly come up with such amazing pieces time and again