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7 Vastu Tips for Workplace/Office Promoting Growth in Career

Vastu Tips for Workplace Office

7 Vastu Tips for Workplace/Office Promoting Growth in Career

After college, most of us look forward to building a career and achieving success. No doubt, it is very important to lead a stress-free and happy life. But, do you know that Vastu Dosh at your workplace can badly affect your career and success? Hence, if you are facing unwanted problems in your profession, trade, and/or at the workplace/office, following a set of Vastu tips can help you reduce problems, stress, fights, unwanted losses, and tension. Let us know the office/workplace tips from the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Astrologer Debraj. 

He is also renowned as one of the famous astrologers in Kolkata. His Astro-Vastu expertise has helped hundreds and thousands of his clients regain career success. You could be the next one. 

Vastu Tips for Workplace & Career Growth

Vastu career tips play a significant role in the realm of career as well as in life. So, let us know how Vastu tips and corrections ensure growth in your career and success without any professional glitches.   

  • Place Paintings on Supporting Wall

Try to place a desk against a wall and sit facing the wall. It would help you get support from your boss or seniors in your office. You can hang a picture of a mountain on that very wall. It will increase your confidence of yours as well.  

  • Avoid Water Bodies in Paintings

If you love paintings with water bodies, don’t hang them in your workplace or office. It would create a problem in your office. You would not get support from your colleagues, seniors, and boss in the office. It can also restrict your promotion. 

  • Secure the Right Spot in the Meeting/Conference Hall

When you are about to attend a meeting or conference in your office, reach the hall early. Choose the farthest southwest direction to sit in the conference room. It will help you to gain career success. 

  • Replace Broken Furniture from Office/Workplace

If you have broken, cracked, or disputed furniture to use in your office, you should get rid of it as early as possible. Otherwise, you will face problems in the workplace according to Vastu. 

  • Proper Placement of Table Lamp

If you have a table lamp on your desk, place it in the southeast corner of the table. It will help you magnet better opportunities, and avoid financial losses. 

  • Right Direction for Sitting in Office

When you are the boss or founder of an office, you should choose the sitting position wisely. Build a separate cabin for yourself and it should be in the southwest direction of your office. 

If you are an employee, you must sit facing east or north to engage opportunities. 

  • Dispose of Damaged Glass

Many offices have tables with glass tops. If by any chance the glass gets cracked or damaged then replace it with a new one. If replacement is not possible, you should get rid of the glass and use the table normally. 

On a Closing Note….

There are so many things that we cannot see but we can feel the energy. Vastu is all about positivity and the free flow of positive CHI or Energy. Thus far, if you are suffering from various issues in your career without any reason, you can certainly consult with Astrologer Debraj. He is the best Vastu consultant cum best Astrologer in Kolkata. His Astro-Vastu tips will show you a new direction in your career realm.