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Yearly Predictions for Capricorn Ascendants 2023


Yearly Predictions for Capricorn Ascendants 2023

Capricorns are known to be extremely ambitious. They love to dream and stay focused. But sometimes it is seen that their lives go through struggles.

In this article Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions of Capricorn Ascendants. So let’s find out what’s there waiting for them.

But before getting into the topic…

Let’s find out the way to know if you are a Capricorn Ascendant or not!

How to know if you’re a Capricorn Ascendant?

Astrologer Debraj Acharyafamous astrologer in kolkata’’ has given a quick solution to this problem. If you find 10 is written in the first house of your LAGNA Kundali, you’re an ascendant of Capricorn and this article is for you.

Let’s summarise all the things that are waiting for you in the new year…..

Health: Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. So there are chances of having restlessness. Mental health can get affected this year. When we speak of health or health issues, we need not necessarily talk only about our physical health. Mental health also holds the equal position.

In April there are chances of feeling lonely and depressed. Natives can also have eye problems this year. They may suffer from insomnia or any kind of psychological issue as well.

Money:   You will make good money this year. There are chances of making a new startup and if you choose fashion related something, it will be more beneficial for your finances. Monetary flow will be good.

But between February 15 to March 14, stay a bit cautious as there are chances of sudden loss of finance.

Education:  January is the best time for students. But overall throughout the year will be favourable. As Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, there are chances of higher education and also there are scopes to go abroad regarding education.

Relationship: The native will be the head of the family. Upto April there are chances of getting married for the unmarried. But matchmaking is mandatory. Then again from September 4 to December 30, the bachelors will get another favourable time for marriage.

To know the importance of matchmaking….

Read here:

All the married couples will be having good relationships with their spouses. There will be peace at home.

Career and Work-life:   Your career will be good but mental stability will be less. For the planetary position of Ketu, there may come a phrase where you’ll stay detached from work. As Rahu is having an axis with Jupiter, known as Guru chandal yog and that falls in the fourth house of Capricorn’s lagna kundali so to some extent that will give adverse effects.

Those who deal with laborers in their profession will have a good time this year.

Prosperity:  As there is scope for doing something new this year so prosperity will also be there. There is also the chance of owning a house. Natives will also get the opportunity to go abroad regarding their respective professions. Natives will have social establishment and fame as well.

Now let’s talk about the solutions to make things better this year….

 Astrologer Debraj Acharya has discussed some ways  below to make things smoother this year…

  •       As in the fourth house, there are adverse effects of the Guru Chandal Yog, so feeding street dogs will be extremely beneficial in this aspect. Feed them as per your capability.
  •       It is a must that you read Vishnu Sahasranama on every Amavasya.
  •       Lastly I would say, stay positive. As I’ve seen my Capricorns deal with depression after a failure. So don’t fall into that phrase. Have your confidence and put on the hard work.

About the eclipses…..

Solar eclipse  20.04.2023


 Though the eclipses are not visible in India

Lunar eclipse  5.05.2023


The lunar eclipses will be visible in India

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Summing up….

Among all the nine planets, Saturn is the slowest going planet. So in every sphere, you have to keep your patience. Don’t make haste. Saturn will give you extreme labour but there will be delay in results. Have patience. Study more and more, focus on your career and have faith that you’ll get everything in time.

Work on your mental health as there are indications of depressive behaviour as well. Mental health is very important. If you feel mentally well, only then will you be able to cope up with all the turbulence.

One thing there is more to advise, that is try to stay out of legal issues. Think twice before signing any legal papers. 

By time you’ll too achieve the success you’re now craving for.