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Yearly Predictions for Aquarius Ascendants 2023

Aquarius Ascendants

Yearly Predictions for Aquarius Ascendants 2023

Aquarius is known for their honesty, truthfulness, and labor. But as Saturn, the slowest going planet is the ruler of this lagna, they always face delays in results.

Starting from 2020, they have been having a hard time. So let’s find out what 2023 has for them. 

In this article Astrologer Debraj Acharya has analysed the yearly predictions for Aquarius Ascendants.

But before getting into the topic…

Let’s find out the way to know if you are an Aquarius Ascendant or not!

How to know if you’re an AQUARIUS ASCENDANT?

Astrologer Debraj Acharya” a Bengali astrologer in Kolkata has given a quick solution to this problem. If you find 11 is written in the first house of your LAGNA Kundali, you’re an ascendant of Aquarius and this article is for you.

Let’s summarise all the things that are waiting for you in this new year…..

Health: In 2023, there is no such red flag with your health. But as Saturn is the ruling planet, you may stay anxious and worried regarding your career and that can lead to some mental agitation. Stay careful about your mental health.

 Money: Natives will have sufficient financial freedom this year. But one that has to be careful about i.e. you have to work really hard. There will be tough times but that doesn’t mean failure. There are chances of getting new start-up ideas. You’ll see new business opportunities and those who are currently in foreign will be extra benefited this year. 

Education:  As Saturn is the ruling planet, there are immense chances of educational progress. Natives will have many opportunities to go abroad regarding study and those who are already studying abroad will be able to take up a new career. Those who are studying law will be in a very good progression.

Relationship: Aquarius Ascendants are advised to stay a bit careful as there are chances that you may fall under any familial conspiracy. There will be some conflicts with your brothers, sisters, or siblings.  April is the best time for finalizing the marriage for the bachelor’s. But matchmaking is mandatory

To know the importance of matchmaking….

 Read here:

All married couples can plan their babies in April also. But married life will be stressful as you or your partner who is the ascendant of Aquarius may fall into the category of an extreme workaholic.

There are chances of some problems in the in-laws house as well.

Career and Work-life:   Your career and work-life will be good but you’ll have to work hard. Saturn gives extreme work pressure but there will be delays in results. You can have your desired career as well.

Before April, you can start your new business as well.

Aquarius is very truthful and honest in their work field. So they can undergo any situation.

But there are chances of having some kind of legal problems. So before signing any kind of legal papers, read carefully.

 It’ll be better if you delay your legal work between 10th May to 10th June as Rahu will have an axis with Jupiter known as Guru Chandal Yog and that time is strongly not preferable for any kind of legal work.

Prosperity:  Upto May your prosperous life will be at its peak. There are chances of buying gold, and jewels and even you can buy your own new house as well.

Now let’s talk about the solutions to make things better this year….

Astrologer Debraj Acharya has discussed some solutions below for the betterment. 

  •     After October, feed the crows, it’ll keep the negative impacts of Saturn away.
  •     For Rahu, do regular puja of Shiva and if possible perform Rudrabhishek on Monday.
  •     Surya Puja is a must for Aquarius.
  •     If possible go on any religious travel. It’ll bring immense positive results.

About the eclipses…..

Solar eclipse  20.04.2023


 Though eclipses are not visible in India. 

Lunar eclipse  5.05.2023


The lunar eclipses will be visible in India.

To know more details about your horoscope, don’t hesitate to take online or offline consultation from one of the best Astrologers in Kolkata, Astrologer Debraj Acharya.

Summing up….

Saturn will give pressure and labor but in the end, it’ll give you all the things you have asked for. So don’t be afraid of taking a workload. Work hard now and eat the fruit of your work later.

Life without work is like zero. Work hard, focus on your study and career, and live a happy life with your loved ones. 

Let your hard work decide your destiny.