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Yearly Predictions For Taurus Ascendants 2023

Taurus Ascendants

Yearly Predictions For Taurus Ascendants 2023

Yearly predictions are a kind of general survey of all the twelve ascendants. This is a rough idea that is often beneficial. In this article, Astrologer Debraj Acharya has tried to give you all an overall idea of how 2023 is going to be for all the Taurus Ascendants

2023 is going to be a challenging year for all the Taurus Ascendants. But that does not mean you’ll not have any kind of positive effects. The fact is every year presents us with some challenges and if we manage to overcome them with profound firmness in our character, we grow up more than we have ever thought. This is the case for the Taurus this year.

Before jumping directly into the topic, it can be a question of many of people how to know that we’re taurus ascendants?

How to know if you’re a TAURUS ASCENDANT?

Astrologer Debraj Acharyagenuine astrologer in kolkata” has given a quick solution to this problem. If “Lagna” or “Asc” is written in the second house of your lagna kundali, you’re a TAURUS ASCENDANT.

Now as you have already figured out if you’re a Taurus Ascendant or not, this article is going to be a great help for you.

Let’s summarise all the things that are waiting for you in the new year…..

Health: Overall the Taurus Ascendants have to maintain good health throughout the year. As there is an axis between Rahu and Jupiter, called as Guru Chandal Yog, all the natives have to be extra careful. Not only with their own health, but the health of the elders of the house have to be looked after.

Between 12th March to 5th April, drive carefully your vehicles. As there is a chance of sudden loss of money. You’ll not take any risk either.

Money: As Rahu is in the 12th House, there is an indication of sudden loss of money. All the Taurus Ascendants must be extra careful with this. Upto October 2023, if you have to sign any kind of legal documents, sign it carefully. Don’t haste otherwise it can cause trouble.

Education: Upto April 2023, there is a good time for all the students. They’ll make progress in their studies.

Students are advised to make a good use of the time upto April, as the hardships in their studies will increase after that. Students have to work extra hard after April 2023. So if the students are to submit any kind of thesis and something like that, better they do it before May. It’ll be good for their educational life.

Relationship: There is an indication of marriage for all the bachelor girls and boys in 2023. But decisions should be taken with patience. Matchmaking will be very helpful in this regard.

To know the importance of Matchmaking or Kundali Matching in Astrology, you can read:

And for all the married couples, you can plan babies also but before May. Upto April 2023, it is a good time for undertaking any kind of work.

But, there is an indication of caution for all the married couples also. As Rahu is in the 12th House and connecting with Venus, and 12th House is the house of your bedroom, there is a possibility that you or your spouse is likely to enter an extra-marital affair. Be careful with that. Don’t lie to your partner for any reason, and as you already got to know that there’s an indication of this, please try to keep your semblance if the situation requires.

Career:  In 2023, your career will be good. You can make a lot of progress in your career. Upto April 2023, it is a very good time for you as all the important work will be done because of the favour of Jupiter.

Work-life:   Because of the position of Saturn, you are likely to have more workload, but there will be delay in results. Business will require extra effort also. But don’t worry, it’ll not go down. Just try to put in extra labour. Upto 11th March, it’s a good time for your work-life.

Prosperity: 2nd May to 24th May is the best time for your financial prosperity. You’ll get name and fame during this time period. There’ll be unity in your family. There is also a chance of having a new vehicle. Between 7th July to 6th August, you’re likely to buy a new house also. You can also go for short trips between 30th May to 6th July. The prosperity in your life will be at peak.

4th September to 31st December,it is a relief period for all the Taurus Ascendants.

Now obviously a question arises, What to do to cope with all these.

Solutions to deal with the problems

Astrologer Debraj Acharya, has given the solutions also.

  • First thing is don’t get disheartened and embody yourself with negativity. That’ll be no good for you but will be immensely impactful in a negative sense.
  • Don’t get into any tussles with the elders. It can be your teacher, the elders of your house and the elders in your workplace. Try to maintain a good relationship with them.
  • Rahu and Ketu are Shiv Bhakts. So offer a puja to Shiva on every Monday. If possible perform a Rudrabhishek and chant the Rudra Mantra.
  • Feed the street dogs as per your capability. Donate blankets to the needy. It’ll be helpful to reduce the Garahadosh.
  • If possible, clean the toilets of your house every Wednesday. It’ll keep you away from negativity.


Solar eclipse  20.04.2023 – 14.10.2023

Though eclipses are not visible in India.

Lunar eclipse  5.05.2023 – 28/29.10.2023

The lunar eclipses will be visible in India.

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Summing up…..

Don’t be afraid of challenges or hard times. Whatever comes to the way, embrace that and fight that. Hardships will be over soon. Have faith and trust for positivity is such a big power to deal with the challenges.