Is Vashikaran Really Possible? Know About It’s Good And Bad Effects!!

Vashikaran Really Possible

Is Vashikaran Really Possible? Know About It’s Good And Bad Effects!!

There are so many things around us that really draw people’s attention like vashikaran. In our surroundings we can find so many unnatural or supernatural aspects that influence the thought process of many people. Today I’m going to analyze such a topic that is spreading throughout at such a pace that it is really catching people’s attention.

The topic is about Vashikaran. As soon as we open our televisions, open our social media accounts or even have a look at our newspapers, each and every place is bombarded with the ads of Vashikaran. There are numerous hoardings on the roadsides that really catch people’s eye regarding this topic. Some days earlier, the time period for vashikaran was limited to a few months or days, but now that time span has been decreased to hours or even minutes if you look at some ads. No wonder within a few days the time period is going to be within seconds also.

People are running after this mysterious action done by a specific category of people. Very unfortunately there are so many people out there who are investing thousands and thousands of money in this Vashikaran Kriya and later they are repenting. So naturally there is only one question lingering in their minds that is – Is Vashikaran really possible?

If you are someone looking for a proper answer to this question, I hope this article may help you.


Lack Of People’s Acceptance

Lack Of People's Acceptance

In my career of 12 years I have seen numerous people who actually came to me for this purpose of Vashikaran and still I get calls regarding this. It is extremely difficult to make people aware of this fact that there is no such thing called ‘Vashikaran Kriya‘. They expect the astrologers to help them return their lovers back somehow. But to be more precise I can say only one thing, if a person has gone from your life willingly or because of any of your faults, then there is no way to make them come back. What is lacking in today’s people, is their power of acceptance.

People, nowadays, are getting very desperate to have all their desires fulfilled and so they don’t even bother to think twice about their deeds being logical or illogical.


What Is Vashikaran?

To know the answer if Vashikaran is really possible or not, first we need to know what does Vashikaran mean? Vashikaran is a process of taking a person in your control. But do you really think that you can take control over a person completely using a certain tantric kriya? Humans are completely an independent creation of God and therefore is said to have an independent thought process.

Is there anyone so powerful who can really change a person’s mindset or his emotion towards a certain man or certain event? If you really think that yes it is possible then let me burst that bubble for you. No, Vashikaran can never change a person’s mindset or anything. Neither it can bring the person in your control unless he is willing to be controlled by you totally by himself.


People’s Misconception: Vashikaran and Astrology

 Now a question arises- Is Vashikaran related to astrology?

Some people have a strong belief that Vashikaran is an aspect of Astrology. But in reality neither Vashikaran is related to astrology nor it has something to do with astrology. Astrology is a study about the movements of planets and planetary positions; while Vashikaran is grossly a Tantric procedure. Astrology is completely based on people’s date and time of birth. When a child is born to this earth, these planets have a crucial role to play in the life of that native. Astrology guides in this sphere only. It only helps people to choose what is right and wrong for him. But this has nothing to do with Tantra.

Some people also think that astrology is something that can change people’s entire life or destiny. That’s also not the case. Good deeds, positive thoughts also have some roles to play in the upliftment of any people. Therefore it’s very clear that there is nothing in this creation that can change your entire destiny.


Don’t Fall In These Traps

Don't Fall In These Traps

Vashikaran is such a thing that claims it can do anything but in reality those people who have undergone this certain kriya, know the result very well. I’m just trying to make people aware of this fraudulent practice. You have to realize and understand all these things before you think of delving into something like this.

You can take a person under your control only through love, care and respect. If you lack these things, nothing can help you to bring the man in your control. Though I should not use the word “control” as it is related to Vashikaran so I’m using this just to make the topic more understandable.


How To Cope With These?

If you have had a break up, you’re feeling depressed and frustrated and a video of vashikaran pops up on your phone screen or TV screen. You’ll feel an inclination towards it because at that time you are in extreme desperation. Here you have to make your logical senses work. You’ve to understand why this has happened to you or if it is happening with you multiple times, astrology can guide you in this respect. But if you start running after this Vashikaran Kriya instead of focusing on what is right or wrong, you’ll end up being disappointed. In this regard astrology can help you by telling why this loss of relationships is happening to you and for how many days you’ve to cope up with all these and much more related to this situation.

Astrology can also help you by letting you know the time when you’ll meet your perfect match. But that is not like helping you to bring your last relationship back. You’ve to accept what is right and what is wrong. If something is not happening according to what you desire, you cannot be desperate to do that. Let the surrounding do his work and you do your own. But by going to this particular kind of people who are alluring everyone with all these fraudulent activities, you’ll ultimately reach nowhere. Instead try to move on, try to make yourself better, have a logical thought process and focus on your goal. Otherwise you’ll be made a fool in every aspect of life.


My Experience With Vashikaran

Here I want to share one of my experiences with you so that you can understand the thing better. Once I came across a man who was probably in his sixties. He came to me with a request of Vashikaran, and you’ll be surprised to know he wanted to apply this on his daughter-in-law. This kind of mentality, rather perverted mentality benefits the Tantriks who are always there to make people fool. People sometimes also feel an inclination towards others wife and thus grow a desire to have that particular lady. This kind of perversion is growing everyday and everywhere.

People need to observe themselves first. They really need to understand what is in their control and what not. Nowadays everyone has a tendency to get everything they want or desire by hook or by crook. This needs to be put to an end. This aggression brings disaster not only in that particular person’s life but also in the lives of others. Vashikaran is the name of such an aggression. Once you learn to control all these kinds of negativity and learn to move on in life. You’ll see yourself as the most perfect personality.



I have written this article just to spread awareness regarding this topic which is becoming more powerful day by day and thus is spreading so much negativity everywhere. But I cannot blame each of the people who once believed in this Vashikaran or still have some sort of belief in this. It is understandable that when people invest a large amount of their emotional quotient in some other person and then get betrayed, he becomes clueless and so gets captivated by these advertisements easily. But if you start believing in all these, you’ll end up disappointing yourself and will also waste a lot of money.

That is not acceptable obviously. Thik yourself once, if the person cannot be bound by the love you have had for him, will he really be controlled by an uncertain activity? Love and respect are the ultimate things that can only bind people. Nothing else. Start having faith in yourselves and make your personality and mindset firm enough so that no other fraudulent activities can have influence over you. You can get more information about vashikaran by speaking with Astrologer Debraj Acharya, a famous astrologer in Kolkata.

Live life happily and intellectually.